These are such beautiful pictures and a great article!!

I like how you explain the word “elopements”. They really are not “less than” – they are special, crafted for the couple

Thank you for providing such great insight into elopements! These photos are incredible. I love the how you capture light and emotion. well done!

I love your perspective on the rise in elopements. They’re truly changing the whole wedding industry.

Yes! I think we’re about to see a HUGE shift in the industry. It was already happening but this pandemic is going to make it a SHARP one.

Agreed that elopements are always gorgeous. I love this advice and these beautiful images!

Great article! I hope the trend keeps up after the pandemic is over as elopements are so much more meaningful and fun in my opinion:)

I think it will. I don’t think traditional weddings will ever go away (and I don’t want them to!) but I think this created a space for elopements and I’m super glad for it ?

Super pretty photos. and really great advice and explanations. good job

omg that last photo is so dreamy! loved this entire post about elopements. super helpful!

These pictures are so beautiful! Who would’ve thought that elopements would get so popular during this time. I definitely don’t regret my decision to elope and am always encouraging others to do so as well! Amazing article!

I love this! Everything you said is so true. Especially that elopements are not LESS THAN. It’s just a different way to have a wedding, and it’s awesome!

Thanks! I know, I really think they’ll be blooming even more this year! ❤️

Love your insights on this topic! Elopements are so incredible and you really help folks see why with this post!