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"... We're not having a big wedding."

"... We only need this amount of hours."

"... We only want the ceremony documented & some portraits after."

I've seen this too many times, and it's really sad to watch unfold on the day. Couples make concessions because, let's be real, weddings are EXPENSIVE, so they think if they cut a little bit here, a little there, a little bit everywhere the wedding of their dreams can happen. Or sometimes they really do think they don't need this much time because said out loud it all sounds kind of unnecessary. But when you live it you realize holy cow, the execution of a day like this is a COMPLETELY different thing than talking about it, and sometimes seeing it written out can help you understand and visualize it. I vowed long ago to not just be a photographer who clocked in and clocked out on somebody's wedding day, but a guide who shared generously all my years of experience and trust me, those extra hours mean the difference between you stressing, managing (aka working) and watching the clock all day and you relaxing, enjoying, and experiencing the day. The best way to do it when you are on a budget is to cut down or out something that's not meaningful to you, something that you won't feel the impact of on the day. Your Timeline is definitely not that!

"No rushing, squeezing, stressing or cutting out parts. This is your wedding day. You deserve more than to stare at the clock all day."