April 11, 2021

If you find yourself on this page, you might have taken my quiz and realized you’re an Elopement Couple, and you might even have checked out my Elopement Page because you were like “Ok but like, an Elopement, what even is that” lol. If you haven’t, do both those things! Because understanding what an Elopement is (and isn’t) is actually a really important part of figuring out which experience is right for you: i.e. they’re not just quick courthouse signings anymore. Gorgeous, customizable, meaningful Chicago Elopements are on the rise, people! (On that note, also check out 10 Elopement Myths + Misconceptions to Get Rid of.)

Now that you’ve done all those things and you’re like “An Elopement, HECK YEAH! That is SO us!” you just really wanna see for yourself what that looks like? How on earth you could possibly spend a whole day just the two of you (and me) and get inspired? How best to feature out city? I’m a visually person so I totally get that! Here’s an example of a full day elopement in Chicago. Get out the tissues though! Because this one’s a doozy:

For the slideshow version of this day, click here.

Music Credit: Rising and Falling, What the Tide Could Bring by David Harwell. Licensed by Musicbed.
Photographer  |  Laëtitia Donaghy
Officiant  |  Suzanne
Wedding Venue  |  Hotel Zachary
Wedding Dress | Lulu’s
Hair  |  Dani Hair Chicago
Make Up  |  Gabrielle Raguso
Cake  | 
Restaurant | Gibsons’ Steak Italia

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Laëtitia Donaghy is a French-born, Chicago-based, international photographer focusing on weddings and elopements. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a focus in Photography, and a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University. She brings to her weddings and portraits her Fine Art training in order to bring forth the realness and emotion present, and showcase people’s relationships. Her focus is on preserving as much of the day as possible and keeping it as honest as possible. She travels the world for weddings and other assignments. She has been published on the web and in print.

Downtown Chicago Elopement

Downtown Chicago Elopement





What a classy, elegant elopement. I love how intimate their day was, and the pop of color in the cake was an awesome touch! I think city elopements are so unique and fun, and I love seeing them! It’s not all mountains, and I think that’s awesome too. Your photography is absolutely beautiful!

Thank you so much!! Yes, there are definitely options for us city people! 🥰

oh my heart, such a beautiful day for these two beautiful souls! Elopements just ROCK!!!!

Love the idea of an all day elopement. You capture so much more of the day and all the excitement around it. Also Chicago is GORGEOUS! love the gif too!

Omg, isn’t it awesome?! For the couple pictured we literally had NO shortage of ideas, we had to CUT OUT things because in the end they just didn’t want to feel rushed. All-day elopements are the way to go because that’s the one memory you’ll have EVERY YEAR for the rest of your lives, and honestly, if you can think back on an entire day of fun, why wouldn’t you?! 🤩 🎉 🥳

Such beautiful photos – especially love the subway shots! Chicago looks a great city to elope in!

It is!! I don’t think most people think of it that way, or of most big cities as a good backdrop for romantic elopements but they can totally be! 🥰

Chicago is such a brilliant city. Obsessed with your train gif! So special!

Thanks! I had so much fun with those! 😄

Stunning images! I also love the music as a background while i watch – it definitely adds an extra element to the senses!

Oh my gosh, I always think no one does that, so thank you for pressing ‘Play’ lol. I actually license all the music I use, I totally agree, I think it adds something! That piece is so gorgeous! 🥰

Thanks for repping elopements in chicago. more Couples need to be made aware of this epic alternative to traditional weddings so thanks for spreading the chicago elopement love. And gorgeous imagery.

Hell yeah! Elopements are the best! Thanks ThirdEyeSam! lol 😄 🙌