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You've looked at my work, you've reviewed my pricing and you think we'd get along better than peanut butter & jelly.
I don't know about you but HOT DANG I'm excited!!
So what happens now? You shoot me a fill out my Contact Form and let me know!
And/or, you can directly schedule a Zoom call:

Wondering what happens during a consultation & how to get ready? Well first and foremost it's a chance for us to get to know a little bit more about each other and see if our personalities jive. This is an important day for you and you should like the person who's going to be with you all day and throughout your whole journey! but these are the points we'll make sure to go over so you get the most out of it. you can expect it to last anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 if you're chatty. (I'm kinda chatty lol.)

Our Consultation





Answering Your Questions

The Whole Process Explained

What to Expect Before, During & After

Figuring Out Your Needs

I don't want you to leave with any questions in your mind! I'm here to help guide you and ease any doubt, stress & uncertainties you may be feeling. A wedding is a big investment and for many of us it's the first time we do this so it's an intimidating task! I'm here to be your guide and help you through it!

I'll make sure to go over every aspect of our process: from securing your date to how to book, to receiving your files, how to download and share them, how long they will be stored in your gallery, what products and services are offered, and more.

There are 3 main periods to our relationship:
Pre-wedding day, Wedding day, Post-wedding day. I'll explain to you what it's like to work with me specifically so you know exactly what to expect for all three of those periods, as the rhythm of each is quite different.

After we've gotten to know each other a little bit, we'll get into the vision you have for your day. If you have very little or nothing figured out, don't worry, it's quite normal to go into this feeling a bit clueless and overwhelmed. I'll guide you through figuring it out a little bit more and based on that, we'll see what Experience seems to fit your needs best.

One of my favorite things about the booking process is how streamlined it is.
it's modern, all done online, all intuitive, and the user interface is honestly beautiful. (I know, who cares, right, but it makes it a pleasure to use.)

The first thing i do after we meet is send you an online proposal.

The proposal has 3 parts: In the first part you customize your order (by choosing your experience, CHOSEN services, & products.) In the second part you look over and sign our contract (all online, you can even save or print a pdf copy.) In the third part you pay your retainer (with a credit card and again, you can save & print a pdf receipt.)
it's so turn-key. no need for checks, paper contracts, and having to take time out of your schedules to meet in person.




Pay Your Retainer

Sign Your Contract

Customize Your Order

Next is our Contract! I use it as a roadmap to our relationship because I don't want you to ever be left guessing and wondering what to do in a particular situation. COVID has taught us all that these scenarios actually do happen and then it's a mess. A true professional has forethought and preparedness, so I've spent a lot of time doing the mental gymnastics so you wouldn't have to. I've made it all super clear, easy to read and follow, and written it in laymen's terms because who wants to read all that attorney gibberish?

It outlines the path of how this works from start to finish and answers all the big questions like: What are the scope of the services you receive? What kinds of rights do you get with your purchase? (Are you allowed to print? Share online?) How long until you get your images? Will they be high resolutions? How will they be stored and delivered? For how long? What happens in case of COVID 2.0? (Don't even say it out loud lol!) See how many questions already just came up?! But don't worry, I'm a planner and I've thought of it all ahead of time for you. We can of course go through it together over a Zoom call ☺️

You'll click 'Next' for the last time and land on your Invoice, which will be divided in the various payments, all due on different dates. Another great thing about this thing? It sends auto-reminders to you! Hah! I don't have to remember it and neither do you, you'll just get an email. You can even turn on auto-pay if you want! 😄

For now you'll just pay the retainer portion via credit card, print a PDF receipt for your records and you are done! It's official! The date is yours and you are booked! Can you do a happy dance with me?!

First you will choose which Experience fits your needs best based on your budget and the number of hours of coverage you'd like.

Curious about the whole planning + booking process?