An Expert Guide by Your Side


Cashing a check, saying "I'll see you on the day!" then leaving you to figure it all out? that's not my style. if you're looking for a personal experience, someone who knows how to make the best out of your day and can guide you through the process, you're knocking at the right door. (and you might be left with a new friend after, but that's just collateral damage.) So what happens after booking?

We chat, I ask you questions & we figure out the general vibe you're going for & what you envision for your day.

Your Wedding Day


After the Wedding

You're had the best wedding day!!! (i agree) But now that it's passed, what happens? well, a few things, because i'm not ready to say goodbye just yet...

This part is the toughest! I know, trust me, but being patient here pays off. I'm usually culling between 4,000-8,000 images and end up turning anywhere from 1,000-2,500 (all edited by hand, carefully, one at a time.) These are your Wedding memories and I don't take that responsibility lightly!