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ask yourself this question

If you removed all limitations,
what would your wedding day actually look like?

We've all fallen in the trap of following a path that's been laid out for us. We are creatures of habit and predictability, and knowing what The Plan is suits our anxious natures. The down side of that is that it doesn't leave a lot of room for authenticity and passion. It's a cookie cutter life. Well I'm here to tell you that you don't have to have a cookie cutter wedding. There isn't just one way to get married, there are tons of ways and none of them are wrong. Find what excites YOU and make your day exactly what you want it.

Do you dread your wedding day and wish you could spend it differently? You're an elopement couple.

Are you excited are having your entire family present? Can't wait for the big party? You're a traditional wedding couple.

You don't mind investing in your day but where it's going feels wasted to you? You're an elopement couple.

Is planning your Big Day exciting? You love the tradition of it all? You're a traditional wedding couple.

Chicago Destination Wedding Elopement Photographer

My Why

My biggest mission is making sure couples don't get stuck on one version or idea for their wedding day, or on someone else's expectation for it, and understand that there are so many ways their day could unfold. I want them to know that all of them are valid and that the decision should be theirs. But most of all, I want to make sure no couple ever again skips their wedding day like I did because they think it's not important, or because "they'll have the big day at some point" or "when they can afford it." I was stuck on that version big of a wedding and in the end we had nothing at all. Many (happy) married years later, that's something I regret deeply. Each and every year, my memories on our anniversary are of us with no one, in our jeans at the courthouse, signing papers then going home. We have one bad cell phone picture. You don't need a lot of people to make it special, but you should make it special. I wish we'd made a day of it. I wish I'd dressed up and gotten pretty, done my hair, put some make-up on. I wish I'd picked up some flowers and ribbon. I wish our parents (who lived locally) had been there. I wish we'd read vows to each other. I wish we'd gone out to dinner. I really wish we'd gotten beautiful photos of it all. And if I'd understood at the time that my day could still be beautiful and meaningful that way, that I had options. I'd be looking back each year with a smile and not a pinch in my heart.

So I'm here to tell you, big wedding or small elopement, it matters. You're getting MARRIED, guys! This is HUGE!! Aren't you just STOKED??!! I'm excited for you!! And you deserve this!!! You deserve a whole day to celebrate it and beautiful photos to remember it!
How many KEY days do we get in a lifetime? Graduations? Weddings? Births? Not a ton. Let's make this one COUNT!!


An authentic approach.

From hourly to full-day coverage, and À la Carte products, you're in control. No matter what.

My photography (like our relationship) will be pretty authentic! I don't stage moments. I think real life is much more interesting and much more beautiful. On your day I'll be pretty out of the way and I'll work to not miss any little moments that are happening. A tiny sparkle in the eyes, or that expression right before a cry, or right as a laugh explodes. Print them in a book. Frame them for your wall. I'm here to make your memories for you.

Working with me means never being stuck with a package that doesn't fit your wants & needs. Experiences are designed by blocks of 4-hour increments or full-day coverage for couples who don't want to worry about time on their day. All products and add-on services are À la Carte so you're in complete control of what you purchase. It's your day, completely your way.

Quality over quantity.

Complimentary timeline design.

I learned over the years that less is more, so in order to do quality work and have a quality life, I limit my bookings to 10-15 per wedding season (year.) Balance is key! This allows me to get good sleep, exercise, not get drained and stay creative. It's also how I can take my time, do my best work and give more of myself, my attention, my energy and my time to my couples.

I know one thing that really intimidated me when I was originally considering planning our wedding day was drafting a timeline. And who better to do it than someone who's done it a million times, knows light and is in charge of making sure your photos are documented properly! But don't fear, you're doing it alongside me. And best of all, it's completely free of charge.


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Kind Words

Jillian Allen

"My fiancé and I have had the pleasure of working with Laetitia over the last few months. I saw few months as opposed to our engagement and wedding pictures because Laetitia was so incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. She helped us to prepare by creating shot lists and coordinating timing. She had't shot at our venue before so she came with us to tour it to ensure that everything ran smoothly the day of. She is just a wonderful person to work with, and a truly wonderful photographer. Our pictures are flawless and her attention to detail was unprecedented. I don't even know how she got some of the pictures she did! I didn't see her once during the ceremony yet she got every little detail. We LOVE her! And are so thankful we hired her!"

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Laëtitia Donaghy Photography Chicago Wedding Elopement Travel Photographer

I'm Laëtitia

The Person Behind The Lens

If you like deep, emotive, timeless, cinematic photos, I’m your person

I'm a French native who lives in Downtown Chicago with her American hubby and their two rescue kitties. I love to travel, do it for work often, love to read, love home décor, and I'm brand new to the Peloton family (#ILoveCupcakes #TryingToBeHealthy amiright?) I think we should make beautiful photos. Also, I love Fonzie.

Your Day. Your Way.


Chicago Photographer Destination Elopement


If traditional weddings feel outdated to you, if being the center of attention gives you anxiety, or if you want the freedom to spend your time and your money exactly how you want (on a Euro trip? Kayaking? Cozy and low key?) THIS IS AN OPTION, and it's completely valid. Believe it or not, it actually still takes a full day, it's just a full day spent your way!



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A big wedding sounds amazing to you? All your loved ones in one place, the look on their faces when they see you, your aunts and uncles letting loose on the dance floor, cousins pulling hi jinx like when you were kids, special moments with parents & grand-parents.. there's nothing wrong with that!



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Chicago destination wedding elopement photographer

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Where I've Been

So, Where Will Our Adventure Take Us Next?

One of my biggest passions in life is to travel, see the world and experience new cultures. Another passion of mine is to create art through photography and to make people's memories. I'm incredibly fortunate in that my job combines both these loves and has allowed me to see many countries and meet many interesting people along the way. I can't wait to talk to you about where in the world we'll go to document your next adventure and one of the biggest, most unforgettable days of your lives!

BELGIUM / Brussels


2021 Travel Dates

This one is all booked up! Hope to catch you next time!

USA / Colorado


A lighter travel load this year due to COVID but still allowing some destination projects for small-enough events. Contact me to see if your event qualifies!

I'll be near pagosa springs + have a few more spots!

USA / Florida


near the ft lauderdale area if anyone wants to book a session!


USA / Colorado

this one is all booked up! hope to catch you next time!