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...and don't know where to start?

Don't do it alone


ask yourself this question

If you removed all limitations,
what would your wedding day actually look like?

We've all fallen in the trap of following a path that's been laid out for us. We are creatures of habit and predictability, and knowing what The Plan is suits our anxious natures. The down side of that is that it doesn't leave a lot of room for authenticity and passion. It's a cookie cutter life. Well I'm here to tell you that you don't have to have a cookie cutter wedding. There isn't just one way to get married, there are tons of ways and none of them are wrong. Find what excites YOU and make your day exactly what you want it.

Do you dread your wedding day and wish you could spend it differently? You're an elopement couple.

Are you excited are having your entire family present? Can't wait for the big party? You're a traditional wedding couple.

You don't mind investing in your day but where it's going feels wasted to you? You're an elopement couple.

Is planning your Big Day exciting? You love the tradition of it all? You're a traditional wedding couple.

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My biggest mission is making sure couples don't get stuck on one version or idea for their wedding day, or on someone else's expectation for it, and understand that there are so many ways their day could unfold. I want them to know that all of them are valid and that the decision should be theirs. But most of all, I want to make sure no couple ever again skips their wedding day like I did because they think it's not important, or because "they'll have the big day at some point" or "when they can afford it." I was stuck on that version big of a wedding and in the end we had nothing at all. Many (happy) married years later, that's something I regret deeply. Each and every year, my memories on our anniversary are of us with no one, in our jeans at the courthouse, signing papers then going home. We have one bad cell phone picture. You don't need a lot of people to make it special, but you should make it special. I wish we'd made a day of it. I wish I'd dressed up and gotten pretty, done my hair, put some make-up on. I wish I'd picked up some flowers and ribbon. I wish our parents (who lived locally) had been there. I wish we'd read vows to each other. I wish we'd gone out to dinner. I really wish we'd gotten beautiful photos of it all. And if I'd understood at the time that my day could still be beautiful and meaningful that way, that I had options. I'd be looking back each year with a smile and not a pinch in my heart.

So I'm here to tell you, big wedding or small elopement, it matters. You're getting MARRIED, guys! This is HUGE!! Aren't you just STOKED??!! I'm excited for you!! And you deserve this!!! You deserve a whole day to celebrate it and beautiful photos to remember it! How many KEY days do we get in a lifetime? Graduations? Weddings? Births? Not a ton. Let's make this one COUNT!!

I learned over the years that less is more, so in order to do quality work and have a quality life, I limit my bookings to 10-15 per wedding season (year.) Balance is key! This allows me to get good sleep, exercise, not get drained and stay creative. It's also how I can take my time, do my best work and give more of myself, my attention, my energy and my time to my couples.

I know one thing that really intimidated me when I was originally considering planning our wedding day was drafting a timeline. And who better to do it than someone who's done it a million times, knows light and is in charge of making sure your photos are documented properly! But don't fear, you're doing it alongside me. And best of all, it's completely free of charge.

Do you wish you had a step-by-step guide to follow that would reveal everything you need to think of to have a successful big wedding? Gee that's an overwhelming thing to put together! What about an elopement, what do those days even look like? With this little helper by your side you'll never have to worry about forgetting something important. It's packed full of years of experience, industry secrets and my favorite, check lists!

I don't see myself as "just your photographer" or "just a wedding vendor", I'm your guide through this experience. We're not disconnected for months, then I show up on the day, and then don't talk again. My role is to make this a really deep and meaningful experience for you, AND to help you navigate the planning of it so that you can have the day that means the most to you. That means educating you on the process, helping you with your timeline, letting you know what I know so you can avoid mistakes, and holding your hand through it all. I'm here to be your guide.

Travel cost are included. Always.

Traveling to an awesome location for your elopement or wedding, wish you could take me with you but worrying about the added travel fees? Don't worry, I hate being nickel and dimed so I wouldn't do that to you. I only present all-inclusive pricing, so what you see is the final cost with the travel costs already baked in.

Having an authentic experience on your day is important to you.

You're not looking for "just a vendor" and want a deeper connection.

You want artful, timeless, emotive, cinematic images.

You want or need some guidance. I've got you!

Photography is in your Top 2 on your list on what's most important to you.

Having images that capture the essence of the day, connections and small moments matters to you.

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I'm Laëtitia

I'm a French native who lives in Downtown Chicago with her American hubby and their two rescue kitties. I love to travel, do it for work often, love to read, love home décor, and I'm brand new to the Peloton family (#ILoveCupcakes #TryingToBeHealthy amiright?) I think we should make beautiful photos. Also, I love Fonzie.


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One of my biggest passions in life is to travel, see the world and experience new cultures. Another passion of mine is to create art through photography and to make people's memories. I'm incredibly fortunate in that my job combines both these loves and has allowed me to see many countries and meet many interesting people along the way. I can't wait to talk to you about where in the world we'll go to document your next adventure and one of the biggest, most unforgettable days of your lives!