I love when I get to work with couples I really click with and feel “right” for. Over time I learned that quality really is superior to quantity, and that a healthy work/life balance is CRITICAL to not only staying physically and mentally well, but to creating good work. Creativity is one of those things you can’t force. You can train yourself so you know how to access it, you work to develop and deepen it, but you can’t really control it. It doesn’t work on-command completely and when you’re run down, it says “Sorry dude, I can’t work like this!” So, after burning myself out last year (and nearly deciding this was too taxing a career) I readjusted. I didn’t need to leave my passion behind, I just needed a new approach. So for the last 4 months I took a huge break and focused on health, and I decided that I would take on far less work moving forward than the year before, and I would choose that work more carefully.

Enter Rose & Siavash. Lovely, sweet, and adorable, I got instantly excited to document their love. Even photography can become boring when you remove passion, and at our first meeting I couldn’t wait to know more. They met in a Chicago subway station, when in a modern-day damsel-in-distress (ok that’s not super feminist of me, let me rephrase that)… a modern day gentleman-to-the-rescue-of-a-lady story, Saviash (our protagonist) nobly placed himself in an unpleasant situation to do the right thing and help a complete stranger (our heroine,) being bothered by a group of guys. Can you picture it? *Swoon* He intervenes. She thanks him. Sparks fly and eyes linger on each other. (Ok, it’s seriously time for a rom-com night.) And now they’re getting married. (Is there a better story to tell future kiddos? I mean really.)

I adoooore this story.

They’ll be getting married at Humboldt Park (which, side note, who knew Chicago could look this wild & full of nature?) so we figured since it’s Spring (except temperature-wise because you know, Chicago..) and everything will be in bloom, what better place for engagement photos? Plus they have a deep love (and knowledge!) of birds and the park would be sure to have plenty (including tacky giant plastic swan-riverboat monstrosities. Photos at the very bottom if you want a giggle lol.) So me and these lovebirds (see what I did there? See?) strolled through the empty park paths for some bird-watching and a photo or two. Can I just point out that we considered rescheduling because the weather wasn’t ideal? Oh but how glad I am that we didn’t. We got this gorgeous, moody, intimate backdrop with those stormy skies and had the whole place to ourselves. (And yeah it was a bit chilly but you stuff your bra with those hand warmers and you’re good lol.) Don’t be afraid to shoot in the rain, people! So back to our couple. They warned me they weren’t photogenic (GIANT EYEROLL. GUYS lol.) but take a look and let me know, because DANG they were gorgeous.

Rose & Siavash, I’m so glad you picked me to be on this journey with you and I so cannot wait for your wedding day!!!!

Check out their story below | Link to gallery here.

Music Credit: Silence of Siberia by Lowercase Noises. Licensed by Musicbed.

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Laëtitia Donaghy is a French-born, Chicago-based, international photographer focusing on weddings and elopements. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a focus in Photography, and a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University. She brings to her weddings and portraits her Fine Art training in order to bring forth the realness and emotion present, and showcase people’s relationships. Her focus is on preserving as much of the day as possible and keeping it as honest as possible. She travels the world for weddings and other assignments. She has been published on the web and in print.


“The flash of light came so suddenly.
You illuminated the stormy sky,
And for a second
The black clouds disappeared,
Replaced by a blanket of white;
You were the spark that lit my life,
And in that moment I could see.”






Beautiful images! The session really showcases not only their love, but their surroundings.

How gorgeous! And that story – break my hopeless romantic heart! ?

What a beautiful Chicago love story! Looks like such a delightfully moody day and you captured their engagement wonderfully!

Thank you! I was so happy is was stormy lol.

These photos are gorgeous! SO much emotion and moody magic in this set! And I LOVE your tones!! Beautiful Chicago engagement pictures!

Ahhhhh I absolutely LOVE the spring blossoms you found! And such gorgeous edits!

Thank you so much!! I know everything was in bloom, it made such a beautiful setting!

It almost happened to me too. I felt like I am really close to burn out. I took a little break and tried to rethink everything. It’s nice to know that someone else had the same issue and could deal with it. The photos are beautiful!

I totally think it happens to everyone at some point, because this is a career driven by passion, so we jump in 100%. We give more than we have to give usually. There’s also an individual formula we have to figure out- what works for us. What types fo clients do we want to work with. How many of these things can we do and have a good work/life balance. Health factors… these are so important to figure out. For me I just had to do less so I could give as much of myself as I really wanted to each project, and so I could still take care of my mental and physical health. That and respect for me and what I do is very important to me. I want to work with people, not for them. I got treated like “the help” a few times, and realized no amount of money was worth that. Anyway, I’m writing a novel lol. Glad to be of guidance if you have any questions. And thank you! 🙂


OMG these photos are so AMAZING! I love the tones, the emotions,and the dreamy quality of them. Great job!

Your black and whites are INCREDIBLE!!! I love her dress, and the way you captured their environment.