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Your black and whites are INCREDIBLE!!! I love her dress, and the way you captured their environment.

OMG these photos are so AMAZING! I love the tones, the emotions,and the dreamy quality of them. Great job!


Thank you so much!! <3

It almost happened to me too. I felt like I am really close to burn out. I took a little break and tried to rethink everything. It’s nice to know that someone else had the same issue and could deal with it. The photos are beautiful!

I totally think it happens to everyone at some point, because this is a career driven by passion, so we jump in 100%. We give more than we have to give usually. There’s also an individual formula we have to figure out- what works for us. What types fo clients do we want to work with. How many of these things can we do and have a good work/life balance. Health factors… these are so important to figure out. For me I just had to do less so I could give as much of myself as I really wanted to each project, and so I could still take care of my mental and physical health. That and respect for me and what I do is very important to me. I want to work with people, not for them. I got treated like “the help” a few times, and realized no amount of money was worth that. Anyway, I’m writing a novel lol. Glad to be of guidance if you have any questions. And thank you! 🙂

Ahhhhh I absolutely LOVE the spring blossoms you found! And such gorgeous edits!

Thank you so much!! I know everything was in bloom, it made such a beautiful setting!

These photos are gorgeous! SO much emotion and moody magic in this set! And I LOVE your tones!! Beautiful Chicago engagement pictures!

What a beautiful Chicago love story! Looks like such a delightfully moody day and you captured their engagement wonderfully!

Thank you! I was so happy is was stormy lol.

How gorgeous! And that story – break my hopeless romantic heart! ?

Beautiful images! The session really showcases not only their love, but their surroundings.