Live in the Midwest but dreaming of that beachy, sandy, tousled hair feel for your engagement photos? Turns out you don’t have to drive as far as you’d think! No need to plan a cross-country trip to Cali to Florida. If you live in Chicago you can reach the Indiana Sand Dunes in an hour’s time and feel like you reached the coast. So if you need a break from the corn fields or the urban setting, check out Wren & Matt’s engagement below, you’ll feel like you just spent a Sunday at the beach with them 🙂

Story below. Link to gallery here.

Music Credit: Father’s Land by Jordan Critz. Licensed by Musicbed.

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Laëtitia Donaghy is a French-born, Chicago-based, international photographer focusing on weddings and elopements. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a focus in Photography, and a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University. She brings to her weddings and portraits her Fine Art training in order to bring forth the realness and emotion present, and showcase people’s relationships. Her focus is on preserving as much of the day as possible and keeping it as honest as possible. She travels the world for weddings and other assignments. She has been published on the web and in print.


“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.”



Wow, the midwest has its gems! These definitely feel like they were shot on coast, cannot believe this is the Indiana Sand Dunes!

I know, I love how this place really felt like we were somewhere else! A gem indeed!

What a gorgeous set! I really love your colour edit!!! Great work.

Ok holy wow I didn’t know this existed! I need to visit Indiana to see these Sand dunes now! Also this couple looks crazy in love and I’m melting ??

I know, right?! Who would ever think Indiana > sand & water. No one! It just doesn’t go together, but they’re there!!

Indiana sand dunes are such an incredible adventure spot for all i love!

I’ve been twice already! I love them!

This sand dunes engagement is so sweet! The backdrop is wonderful, and the couple looks crazy in love!

Who knew we had this in the Midwest! 😀

Who ever knew there were sand dunes so close to Chicago! So cool!

I know! An hour drive and we have our own little slice of paradise! 🙂

Wow this Indiana sand dunes engagement session is gorgeous! Love your style!