Super helpful post! Really awesome insider info. Great work 🙂

This is so helpful! Thank you. I get married in March and we still haven’t planned this – I’m on the case! Thanks for your help! ✨✨

I’m so glad! And congratulations! 🙂 <3

Oh how I wish I had this when I was planning my wedding! We got pretty lucky that everything went smoothly for the most part, but we had timing issues with hair and makeup, and I didn’t feel like I had enough time to spend with my bridal party before pictures started!

I know! It’s so tricky! And for sure a first time bride would have no idea, so hoping this will help 🙂

In a couple of months, I am having my brother’s wedding. And this post is really gonna help me a lot. Thanks a ton for it.

Some really great advice! Especially about asking your photographer what they think of your venue options.

I know, it’s so much better & easier for everyone when we are involved! 🙂

This is too perfect!! So many good tips that my clients would definitely benefit from! Thanks for this resource!

Wonderful tips! It’s so helpful to plan out a wedding day schedule well in advance. It’s nice to make sure it’s well-padded, too! It makes it much easier to enjoy the day.

So many good points! Love your writing too!

Thank you! Currently planning my vow renewal (the wedding photographer never had a wedding lol) and definitely taking my own advice lol.