This may be one of the most epic wedding receptions I have ever seen! What a way to end such a beautiful day!

I know, right?!! The energy was electric!! Such a fun party!!

Wow this wedding was an epic, luxury affair! Her dress was just gorgeous and I loved the dancers at the end!

So much fun!! Whatever that giant robot man was, so cool! 😀

Wow! The colors! The dress! The gloves! Everything about this is perfection. Nothing short of amazing happening here!

You did an amazing job capturing this couple’s entire wedding story! Well done! And that party looked like it was nothing short of epic!

Thank you so much! And yes, so much fun!

I love the energy in this wedding! It feels SO ALIVE 🙂

Thank you so much!!! <3

These are beyond gorgeous- my jaw is literally on the floor with how perfect everything was from the couple to the venue and the images you got of it all! Love the pink backdrop for the first look, and the black bridesmaids dresses, and the night ceremony… sigh*. I could go on. Loved looking through these- awesome job!!

Oh my gosh, you are too sweet! Thank you so much!!! <3

The minute I saw that pink building I thought “I bet this is Florida” and I was right! Fellow Florida photographer here, and I have to say you captured the tropical beauty absolutely perfectly! I love the touch of elegance the gloves add to the bride’s look. How unique!

Haha, right! Florida is so recognizable. I no longer live there (I’m in Chicago now) but it was good to get a little warmth in the middle of the winter 🙂

That ending though! This is so epic! Everything is this wedding is perfect. You beautifully captured their love and relaxed feel in such an incredible space. Amazing.