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Downtown Chicago Elopement

So wait, what's this Elopement thing?

There are still a lot of misconceptions around the what elopements are but I'm here to tell you that they are NOT secretive, NOT restrictive, and NOT sad and lonely. A lot of people still mistakenly think to elope means to run away and do it all alone (when you don't want to) or to "not make a big deal" of their day but it's EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE! Elopements are trendy, they're gorgeous, they're fun. and they're taking the industry by storm.

Couples who elope do so because they're just not into the "Big Wedding Thing" and that's okay. They do it because they want to spend their wedding day differently than one might on a wedding day. Maybe to them it sounds awesome to go hiking, or on a trip to Italy, or on a hot air balloon ride. Not the outdoorsy type? Maybe you wanna hit all your favorite neighborhood spots and keep it low key because you're just not into all the attention and all the high energy needed to entertain a large crowd. They do it because they don't mind investing in their day, but they want to invest in it a way that is meaningful to them. They do it because going down the path of a traditional wedding, when they think of that day? They don't get excited, they get bored, or they dread it, or feel really anxious. If any of that sounds like you, you might be an elopement couple! But the thing to realize it that it's not a consolation prize, it is still the day you MARRY each other, the day you will say vows to your best friend, and the day you will remember on your anniversary each year. It is YOUR WEDDING DAY.

An elopement is a small-scale, intimate day that focuses on you & your experience

Weddings are for you if:

you want the whole family there + picturing your day without them makes you sad

you think traditions are super beautiful + nostalgic

you get super excited about all the aspects of a traditional wedding

you see it as the place where fun + memorable family stories get made

you want to share the happiness!

There's no wrong answer!
it's about figuring out what's right for you.

are you an elopement couple or a wedding couple?

What if I'm not sure what kind of day I want?

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Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Let's Give You the Best Day of Your Lives

Your Day, Your Way
You Stay in Control

An Expert Guide By Your Side

I tried! I tried being the extremely proper and uptight wedding vendor but I'm not. I'm relaxed, I'm goody, and I act like we've known each other for five years in the first five minutes. What can I say, I can't help it. I'm gonna get REALLY excited about your day, include WAY too many smiley faces and exclamation points in our emails, start looking for dresses/tuxes/shoes/details for you and send you links, then keep up with you on Instagram after (no but really.) It's just my approach. But I think it makes you more relaxed and your experience more fun too! And you get a new friend :)

At the very center of all this is your experience. We'll focus on figuring out what your dream day looks like, where that might be, what you might want to do, design your timeline around it, then figure out the logistics. This is your WEDDING DAY, so I want you to give yourselves permission to go all out, live it up, and make it AMAZING. DO those things you've always wanted to do. GO see those places. GO TOGETHER. Don't put it off, because corny as it is, if 2020 taught us anything it's that we're not promised tomorrow. So why NOT make those memories on your wedding day?!

No two elopement or wedding I've ever photographed has ever been the same and that's because everyone has different needs and desires. The whole message of my brand is to give control back to couples and that's exactly what I do. Experiences are designed in blocks of 4-hour increments or full-day coverage for couples who don't want to watch the clock. Products & extras? Those are À la Carte so you don't have to purchase anything you don't want. It's your day, done completely your way.

You should benefit from all my years of experience. I'm not here just to document, I'm here to guide you! I'll make suggestions & recommendations when I have them and help you navigate the planning process and avoid common mistakes. Get ready for some extras, too. You'll get a complimentary timeline design, a free Plan Your Dream Elopement/Wedding Day guide, a checklist and more. This doesn't have to be intimidating and you definitely don't have to do it alone!

Hi, I'm Laëtitia

The Person Behind The Lens

There is no 'Redo' on your wedding day
Hire a professional

You can't redo your wedding day and who you hire to document it is a big deal. Cameras has become so affordable that it seems every other friend's cousin is now a "photographer." But here's what I learned the hard way, at the beginning, when I shot for free. You make mistakes when you're learning (we all did,) your gear malfunctions (and you don't have back-up gear yet,) and weddings & elopements, hell, they just throw curve balls at you! Nothing can replace experience. Don't hire someone who does this as a hobby. Hire a professional.

You Might be Thinking...

We're a Wedding Couple!

Downtown Chicago wedding

but we don't need that much time...

This is YOUR WEDDING DAY. I can't stress enough how much you should tell the WHOLE STORY of that day. For yourselves, for family & friends who couldn't be there, and for the kiddos who'll be looking through your album some day. Let's get real, we all have a budget, but it's all about prioritizing and reorganizing how the budget is being disbursed. Make a list, think about the items that are meaningful to you, and don't compromise on those. The rest? It's okay to go with different versions. But skipping memories? NO WAY! After everything is in the trash, these images are all you'll have left of the day and how you get to relive it. You're ALLOWED to have your ENTIRE DAY documented and compromise elsewhere!

We're an Elopement Couple!

what would we even do all day?...

Are you saying your day isn't as important as a traditional wedding day simply because of the guest count? Because I wholeheartedly disagree. Do people who get married the traditional way deserve more? They're allowed a big budget, a big party & lots of fun, so why wouldn't you? This day should be ALL of those things, just not stuck to that traditional formula, more personal to you. This isn't a consolation prize, it's not an extended photo session, and it's not "just" anything. This is still the day you get MARRIED to each other, that's a BIG DEAL. It's the day you'll say your vows to each other, and what you do that day are the memories you'll have EVERY YEAR on your anniversary. Make them something that CONNECTS with you, that make you really smile. Make a whole DAY of it and document all of it. I'll make sure to capture all the smiles, all the laughter, and the connection you share.

Let your mind see it

If you removed all obstacles
What would your dream day really look like?

Have you always pictured your whole family there and your first dance under twinkle lights in a villa in french provence? have you visualized your uncles and cousins getting nutty on the dance floor and pictured a relative giving you away? looked forward to tears and emotions with family as they see you in your wedding attire?

maybe your perfect day means having the whole day for just the two of you without distractions and all the stress and chaos of having hundreds of people around. maybe it means taking that trip you've been saving for and looking forward to for years. maybe it means standing on a mount top in fiji, completely alone, and taking in the awe-aspiring beauty of it all as the sun sets, knowing you'll likely never be back here again. maybe it means a hot air baloon ride over the loire valley and if you want those beautiful wedding tables and details you'd get with a traditional wedding you still get that, and finish with a dinner at that beautifully set table cooked by a private chef. i know it's fancy but what fancier occasion is there in a lifetime than your own wedding? (unless you plan on meeting the queen, i'd use it here lol.) maybe you're into adventure and you want to do hiking, kayaking, or on a helicopter ride. "or our wedding day??!" HEll yeah, you call the shots, it's your day. maybe you're not outdoorsy at all (no mud & bugs please) and you're rather have an upscale day downtown followed by drinks on a rooftop, or a laid back day hitting all your favorite neighborhood spots.

or perhaps you fall in between, and you don't want the traditional wedding, the elopement is still your style but you want to invite your core group to be there. well that's fine too. The point is, this is your day and you shouldn't put boundaries around it. your parents, your grand-parents, they;re not the ones getting married. this is about you. so think about what connect for you, what's meaningful to you, and let's design an entire day around that.

What It's Like to Work With Me


The way I see it, my job is more than being your photographer (that's just showing up on the day.) I'm here to be your guide and create an experience for you, so that what should be the best day of your lives actually is.





What Others Are Saying

Karyn Alvarado

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"Photo sessions are usually pretty uncomfortable but we found ourselves laughing and having a great time the entire time. Our photos are spectacular and we received so many compliments for them."

"Laëtitia was so incredibly helpful throughout the entire process... Our pictures are flawless and her attention to detail was unprecedented... We LOVE her! And are so thankful we hired her!"

"Laëtitia puts her heart into every shoot she does... Her love of her art is obvious and anyone would be lucky to book her. Work with her once and you'll want to work with her again and again."

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You can literally choose any place on the planet and not have to worry about added fees & travels costs (I'm looking at you, airlines.) This is the good kind of all-inclusive. Let's go on an incredible adventure together with a full day of documentation on your wedding/elopement day and an extra mini day the next day for brunch with the family?A bridal session? A helicopter ride of the island? You pick, partner!


Full day (up to 12 hours) of documentation on your wedding/elopement day

Next day Mini Coverage (up to 4 hours)

Expert Guide to help you as you plan

Complimentary custom timeline design

Plan Your Dream Wedding/Elopement Day Guide

Vendor suggestions

Unlimited consultations

All your photos

Travel costs included



Whether you're getting married in Chicago or at the ends of the Earth, I believe you shouldn't even have to think about time on your wedding day. Our lives are already ruled by time every single day of the year & that day shouldn't be the day you stress about whether you're on schedule or not. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing couples sacrifice something they really want to do because it doesn't fit or rushing all day because they're "late." It's not what this day is about. With this Experience, you won't even have to think about it!


Full day (up to 12 hours) of documentation on your wedding/elopement day

Expert Guide to help you as you plan

Complimentary custom timeline design

Plan Your Dream Wedding/Elopement Day Guide

Vendor suggestions

Unlimited consultations

All your photos

Travel costs included

Fiji wedding photographer



Tying the knot in Chicago or anywhere in the U.S. but the full-day thing really isn't for you, I want to make sure to listen, the whole name of the game is to offer you options. You still get the same awesome guide-by-your-side and perks as any other package. For international celebrations, checkout Experiences 01 and 02!


Half day (up to 8 hours) of documentation on your wedding/elopement day

Expert Guide to help you as you plan

Complimentary custom timeline design

Plan Your Dream Wedding/Elopement Day Guide

Vendor suggestions

Unlimited consultations

All your photos