Hey, it’s me. Laëtitia. Live and in stereo…

(If you don’t get the reference, go watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix RIGHT. NOW. The show is soooo good.)

I’ve been pretty lame about blogging since… Well since my business started, in 2013 technically. So I have a lot to make up for. Let’s start with some introductions: I’m Laëtitia. You already know this. And you don’t know how the heck to pronounce my name. It’s ok.

So what about me do you wanna know?

The boring background stuff: I’m French. Born & raised. Though now I’m American too. Which means I get to cheer for TWO TEAMS in the soccer World Cup. My better half is Ryan, my high school sweetheart turned hubby. We don’t have human kids. What we do have are two mischievous fur-babies, Penny & Elliott. Ellie is an energetic love ball and he terrorizes his sister with affection. She is not interested.

I think I’m an extroverted introvert. That just makes no sense at all. I’m goofy and sarcastic. And I curse. I suck at math. SUCK at math. Don’t give me your taxes to look over. In a happy turn of events, I did not become an accountant. What I am though is an artist. Growing up it was painting, piano, ballet. In college I studied Political Science. Couldn’t tell you why. Hated it. Left school, came back, switched to art (because I’ll be damned if I do this twice and hate it twice.) Applied for the Fine Arts program, made it, chose my focus as Photography. And there you go! Best decision I ever made. (But I still have a minor in Poli. Sci. That should come in handy never.)

Ryan, Penny, Elliott and I moved from Florida to Chicago because a) pizza, and b) the city is incredible. It’s beautiful, and clean, and people are warm, and there is so much to do. I love my city!

I’m a home body but I love to travel. I love to experience things, so I try to open myself up to as much as possible. Except weird foods. I can’t do weird foods. You won’t see me put a live cricket in my mouth. But jumping off a giant waterfall in Costa Rica and screaming all the way down? I’m there. Got a scar to prove it and everything. I love to read. I’m bilingual but really want to learn another few languages. I have a giant sweet spot for animals. Love love love animals. All of them. And I’m dying to meet an elephant in real life and hug him/her.

And if you’re reading this and plan on booking a session, I want to be your friend, because nothing sounds more boring to me than having “clients.” I didn’t start my own business to have boring old clients! I want to work with my friends, because, how awesome is that.

I don’t do “posey” photography. I hate how inauthentic it feels. I know I personally would not connect to an image of my husband and myself where the photographer said “Ok, look at the camera and smile!” But I would connect to a moment. So that’s what I will try to create for you during your session. And during your wedding, I won’t ask you to act anything out either. You have your day, forget about me and I’ll document it as-is, good or bad. Because THOSE images will mean something to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask me to go to, like, Iceland with you. The further you wanna go the better! I’m looking for people who are passionate about photography and don’t mind having to work for a killer spot. Adventurous couples who will fly to the other end of the globe, drive a few hours then hike a few miles with me, just because the view is incredible. Some come on! Let’s go on an adventure together!

Saint Paul-de-Vence, my home village

Childhood art

High school days with my hubby 🙂

Our babies! <3

Still one of my favorite days <3

It’s official! I’m an American! And I also have some of the coolest friends in the world.