1-on-1 Mentor Session – Posing & Directing / Live Shoot


Develop your own photographic voice and style through a live shoot. We’ll cover how to choose a location, how to use available light, and a how to direct your subject(s). Leave with more confidence, inspiration, and some portfolio-building pieces.



This class includes a live shoot, for which I will provide a general location and model(s). You can choose the kind of model and setting you would like to work with, depending on the area of photography you would like to develop (i.e.: Model/fashion, single person portrait, single person boudoir, couple, family…) Once on site I will explain what I look for and how I choose my exact spot, and coach you through choosing yours. I will explain my process, how I use light, what I look for and why, and the tricks I use to create a certain emotion. I will demonstrate how I direct people, walking you through it, then guide you as you direct yourself. You should come out of this mentored class with a better idea of how to choose a location and direct a session, as well as a further developed sense of your own photographic voice and some building pieces for your portfolio. This class is hands-on, so bring your camera and lens(es). It is a one-on-one mentorship that lasts 2 hours.