1-on-1 Mentor Session – Business Development


A one-on-one class for anyone who is just getting started in the photography business.



In college I studied photography from a Fine Art approach. While it was fantastic, I wasn’t taught the first thing about how to turn this into a business, and felt completely lost upon graduating. I always wish there had been a good resource to guide me through the start. In the end, I took multiple online courses and live workshops, and over years developed my process. This is a good class if you need help with pricing yourself, guidance with workflow, or have any question about the business end of photography. It is not an in-depth education on any specific topic, but rather meant for beginners who don’t know where or how to start. This class can be in person or online via video chat/screen sharing and involves note-taking. It is a one-on-one mentorship and lasts 1 hour.


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