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These are so so so beautiful. Love all the intimate moments you captured

The pictures are stunning! And I like the storytelling in your article and how you put together the pictures to compose a visual album, together with the music. I felt like I was there in this downtown Chicago wedding. Thanks for posting this my friend.

Thank you! It was lovely to get to know their story and to be able to document their day 🙂

Okay, these two clearly had the absolute best time at their wedding, and that is what it’s all about! I always adore hearing their stories, too!

Yeah, music is a big deal for them, so I think that was probably the most fun part of the day for them (aside from getting married obviously lol), when the music finally got started! 😀

I always love your imagery. The light dragging and candid moments are so good!! well done!

Aww, what a sweet compliment, thank you so much! ?

This looks like such a fun wedding!

I am floored by this entire set. You really showcased the love they have for one another so perfectly!

What a stunning couple! You captured their day so well. I love love love that black and white shot of them leaning on each others foreheads. So perfect.

Thank you! I know they looked stunning lol, made my job pretty easy lol ?

Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful and gave me chills!! I love it, and they look SO happy!!

They are so young & so in love, it’s so sweet. Made me think of my husband and I, we met young too ☺️❤️

alright i dont know what to comment, these are just tooo perfect the moments that you captured, the colors that you chose, the compositions that you picked….. just amazing! following you for sure on IG!!!

Omg you are too sweet!! Thank you so much!!! ???

Super awesome urban wedding!! Love your work!

Beautifully showed story. I love the candid photos!