Wow! This post is soooo good! Yes, there are so many myths about elopements, most of them are not true. Btw, your pictures are so beautiful!

Wow!! Your photos are so classy and absolutely stunning. Also, great blog on crushing elopement myths. I think a lot of people have a traditional view of eloping, so this is a great resource to let them know all of their options to say “I do”!

Thank you! I hope it opens their horizons! If I’d known we had options at the time we wouldn’t have missed out on making memories on our day!

This blog post is jam packed with such helpful information and I totally agree with your points. I love the mix of elopement images you chose too. It really shows that elopements are perfect for a variety of people!

They really are! Anyone can do it, it’s SO personal, it’s probably the best thing about them!! ❤️

Everything about this post is stunning; your images, your advice. So many misconceptions about eloping and your advice busts them all beautifully! Eloping is the best!

Aww, thank you so much ? It really is, isn’t it! ?

ok first of all your photos are freaking perfection. Secondly I love all the advice and myths you give here. I have had a lot of couples feel like they cant elope for one reason or another and I think you did such a good job of explaining why those reasons aren’t true haha. Amazing job

Aww, thank you ? I think our couples just need a little bit of guidance. I think pretty soon this will become common enough that no one will look at it like that anymore, and I can’t wait!! ?

Wow! This is so helpful for so many couples out there looking to elope! It’s so important to keep these things in mind! Eloping can be such an awesome beautiful thing to do!

It’s so amazing! The more of them I do, the more of them I want to do, they’re so beautiful! ?

We SHOULD be getting rid of these myths. You brought up a lot of good points in this blog!!

Yes! Let’s kick ’em to the curb! ??

I love how you’ve written such a wonderful thought out blog on the topic of elopements. Such great advice and a great perspective to help those couples out there on the fence about eloping vs a traditional wedding. You’re images are beautiful!

Thank you! Hope it’ll give those who are hesitating the confidence to go through with what they really want! ?

I think every one of these misconceptions are still widely held by a lot of people! Thank you for writing about each of them,,. I really appreciate the schedule you laid out of what a whole elopement day could look like!

Absolutely! Sharing this information is how we start to undue these misconceptions. Elopements are such beautiful options, I hope more people will understand them better! ?

Wow this is all such amazing advice! Elopements are so awesome, we eloped and can totally back up all this advice. Love your photos too- you have such a talent!

Omg thank you so much! And I’m so glad to hear this is helpful! And yay for eloping!!! ?❤️?